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Goldtree is aligned with and adheres to the eight principles of the RSPO Principles and Criteria
for the Production of Sustainable Palm Oil (2013) applicable to all growers of oil palm including small producers:

1. Pledged to all relevant stakeholders to be transparent about all its operations.

2. Operating in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

3. Dedicated to long-term economic and financial viability.

4. Implementation of appropriate best practices as agreed by the RSPO.

5. Environmentally responsible and conserve natural resources and biodiversity.

6. Responsibility for its employees and for individuals and communities partnering with Goldtree.

7. New planting will be undertaken in a responsible manner without any deforestation, loss of habitat, loss of livelihoods whatsoever.

8. Commitment to continuous improvement of its key activities.

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Ethical Code of Conduct

Freedom of Association Policy

Sexual Harassment, Harassment & Workplace Related Violence Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

Transport Policy

External Communications: Standard Operating Procedure

Human Right Policy

Child Labour Policy

Forced and Trafficked Labour Policy

Policy Against Violence, Harassment and Use of Mercenaries and Paramilitaries

Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy

Engagement towards RSPO Certification

Reproductive Rights Policy

Policy Preventing Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women from Exposure to Hazardous Material

Public Notification of RSPO Initial Audit of Independent Smallholders

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